Candice Wuehle








Once the air insects and lambs were placed
proportionally to their out-fittings, a 2nd
wave of chlorination was already in effect. One new
world can take

First, the goat dug for fence post. Genuinely,
Novitiate, the word once forever
signifies messianic time. Last,
lightning altered its earth-object and consigned
the sky long-lasting debt,
overdrawn energy
and unavailable offer
excepting glow:
nighttime hourglass, liquid map.
What were we after
if not to only arrive
in the original case, in authentic wool or carapace or exoskeleton.
Some principalities have King
who can’t lathe their capes bc.
uprising is imminent, imagine.
Imagine the breech baby Currency, appellate
for his first-born blathery Sister, River,
slattern and in exceptional eras,
salvadora doing the twist,
to turn
in on herself
and flow against her own nature.
Some men never move themselves. Novitiate, I’ve often allowed them access.
Imagine the King of the Principality of a Turned River-Town.

imagine lightning first,
fence post last.

In exceptional areas
flood is the apparatus of achieved
intimacy with the celestial dome.
You only have to get a little closer
to be closer. Like Monies,
the eternal mother
—close & far close & far close & far—
must have named herself after
herself and also her eternal imprint,
her hieroglyphs:
like her mouth-feel, her name
means baby-monitor,
means I’m warning You of the White Swan Bachelorette Party
means No Man Needs that Much Cash-in-Pocket.
How many mornings do you awake
and ask to be unafraid of the o t h e r - s i d e?
A citizenry possessed of stars
and no fences
does not draw
They don’t circle-up and sing upon encounter of empty
space. Once,
flight was thought to be the effort of every feather,
each fine-oiled device a muscled aerial in itself
until it was acknowledged
not only birds but bats, fish of the order Belinoformes, aphids, wasps, a lot
of living creatures
also even balloon, arrow
could aircraft
unaided by visible support from any other surface.
Novitiate, I am most afraid of loving the other incorrectly.

Novitiate, I am most afraid of offering no inner buoyancy.

Novitiate, I am most afraid of being asked what I want.
Do you want to build your world with one orient?
A moon.
A mother.

About surface/space/money:
heavenly phenomena
—stars, aurora, comets, clouds and airglow—
are historically unhindered
upon suppression of the central light source,
are bad counters
are excellence
are up there
serving no one


Candice Wuehle is the author of the chapbooks curse words: a guide in 19 steps for aspiring transmographs (Dancing Girl Press, 2014) and EARTH*AIR*FIRE*WATER*ÆTHER (Grey Books Press, 2015). Her work can be found in The Volta, The Colorado Review, and Tarpaulin Sky. Candice currently resides in Lawrence, Kansas where she is a Chancellor’s Fellow at The University of Kansas. This summer, she will be a resident artist at the Gullkistan Center for Creativity in Iceland.