Preface [6]


in describing/in cultivation/in the strict sense/in the world/in hand/in parts/in formation/in time/in September/in December/in nomenclature/in general/in number/in other/in a very small part



Preface [9]


The world/the paper is flat. This rendering displays strategies for enhancing dimensionality in maps/dance movements. Some better than others. It embodies little arrays of typography & color edited & re-drawn to make separation/variation/illustration count. All in all like mathematics & not tied to space & time.



Preface [10]


The built-up things keep building. I want to see the whole thing: new things still happening everywhere/every force to reckon with/every little thing. Every body houses doubt sometime. I think/wonder if I ever really am aware of the motion/the water/the self. I do not think/I think: that period of vivid intuitions/music everywhere. Everything negatived everybody quiet for a minute. Yes. Moods in which everything is very little/all intense. Every time, I worried exactly how to produce it/a cosmos/a portion of the remnant of another thing/everything that has occurred to date/to me.




Heidi Reszies is a multidisciplinary artist living in Richmond, VA. Her poetry has appeared in BOAAT, Daily Gramma, Forklift Ohio, FORTH Magazine, LEVELER, SUSAN the Journal, and Queen of Cups. Her chapbook Recollections & Reenactments is forthcoming from Zoo Cake Press. She was a 2015 James Merrill Poetry Fellow at the Vermont Studio Center, and currently serves as Design Director and Chapbook Series Editor at H_NGM_N Books.