I saw your body on someone else walking down the street of selfish walkers and this engineering of cute dogs catastrophic will end us all I am reminded that I feel no shame over any of my lovers or with whom they've been shared only with time and the extent of the knowledge won do I taste you with some acuity and have learned like Clarice not to mistake your salt for all of you that the beyond a coiled aspiration runs through away with you irreduceably shared in its separateness.


We bot-parrot these love money murder idioms in search of the life giving glitch in peril in peril I bare myself on the street with squared shoulders will to bigness blown with receptivity I return to the home void to reestablish my errata my blush fame my synaptic love for the slick rim to recognize the secretions I've drawn out through you a Krishna of yous limitless mothersuns oh the crisis of your glow as the underwear hang on the line the expulsion of the reading record the sag tension of pickles I met a Southern light.


Animus and anima arc suspension cunt to cunt ceiling floored flesh mind color to color the punch is in the bowl this time the flail a purposeful dance on the plank of what can you do and to whom and with what spirit and what spirit death do you receive that action of yours reverberant sounding a mortal style.




Sara Jane Stoner is a writer, teacher, and PhD candidate at CUNY Graduate Center working on a dissertation between pedagogy, queer theory, and contemporary poetics. Her first book, EXPERIENCE IN THE MEDIUM OF DESTRUCTION (Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs, 2015) was nominated for a Lambda Award.