maryam monalisa\







for Dylan Seaward-Salvati


Where I participate naked or fully
Clothed, even my hair switched
To an ON/OFF current.

I am looking for the space of real acts,
Not thoughts or even speech, but a cue.
Later: an exit. Certainly no map.

A white fabric with invisible seams stitches
Us into the now
(“Near” is not “Together”)

Volumic forms dash along a flat horizontal plain
Gestures, hands, kneeling, torso,
Pressed inside a vitality.

A bursting where my chest and clavicle meet.

A vital wave is rolling, making everything outside
This space neutral clearing.

No battle here can be seen
Without savage sight

Someone tells us, “After it you will walk
Differently into the green world.”

Maryam Monalisa Gharavi is a visual artist, poet, and theorist. Book publications include the poetry volume The Distancing Effect (BlazeVOX); a translation of Waly Salomão's Algaravias: Echo Chamber (Ugly Duckling Presse), nominated for a 2017 PEN Award for Poetry in Translation; and the drawing/text artist publication Apparent Horizon 2 (Bonington Gallery).